About me

I am Inma Mañes, graduated in Art, specialist in Public Art by the UPV. of Valencia and skilled craftswoman of the Valencian Community with more than 20 years of experience

My work has been as extensive in the field as the media allowed me and thus I developed graphic design, web, multimedia, etc …, in addition to commercial projects and collaborations in different areas of Culture until I reached the silks and found my medium and here, and in iSedas, you can meet them.

I believe in the quality of people above fashions and idioms and I think we can all express ourselves with what we wear and our accessories, relate to the environment providing beauty, whether it is within the canons or not.

In 2016, after having worked with many models of fans, I found an illustration that opened a new creative world for me and I thought about the fire fans of the balancers. A partner lent me one and that’s where everything started

Analyzing and designing with the help of friends and colleagues, I arrived at the final design with the ideal size for women and a smaller one to carry in my pocket or small bags.

Thus was born Silkfull, a continuation of iSedas to give the world the air of butterfly wings. High quality Italian silks, untreated woods, natural dyes and recycled packaging make Silkfull a brand of sustainable design that respects the future.

I observe, think and paint. That would be the outline of my very summarized work.


It is a slow and delicate work and sometimes a little desperate for me, that I am impatient, but silk is a magical support with colors because it seems that it illuminates them more if possible, gives them life, elevates them. It is very rewarding.

I spend many hours analyzing images, reading and constructing thought so as not to paralyze myself with the blank fabric and that the piece can have the expressive freshness that seems fundamental to me to achieve a special fan. The final result is always a unique piece at a price that I try to be reasonable considering the quality of the raw material and the exclusivity of the process.


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